Foxie is going to be the programming language for developing your own old school RPG. The game engine will be pre-made and configurable via Foxie’s scripting APIs. You’ll be able to feed in your own resources — tile maps, sprite sheets, sound effects, music, and so on — and Foxie will put them into the engine as you define them. Ultimately, it's your rodeo. 🤠 We're just providing the horsepower.

It’ll be a game creation toolkit, without all the cruft. It’s the bare minimum of what you need to get a game going, specifically an old-school role playing game in the style of Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy VI. 🎮 The aim is to bring the spirit of your favorite RPGs from the Super Nintendo or Game Boy era to life again.

So what is this site doing here, exactly?

This is going to be the source, the horse's mouth, so to speak, when it comes to Foxie updates – don't you wish your updates were foxier? 😉 More specifically, in future posts, I’ll be outlining:

  • What Foxie will look like as a language 📝
  • What sort of progress I’m making on it ⛰
  • What the engine will be like for a developer 🚗
  • What I have planned 💡
  • What sort of problems I run into 🤔

And so on, etc. Until then, stay tuned, Foxie friends! I’ll be posting the first in-depth article soon. 👀 Expect plenty of emojis, language implementation details, programming discussion, and programming language and compiler esoterica.

And if you still find yourself asking, "what is Foxie?" I have a somewhat relevant song for you:

"What is a Booty?" – Del tha Funkee Homosapien, from "I Wish My Brother George Was Here"